Thursday, 10 July 2008

News from NAEP

NAEP was an interesting and successful show for Sidhil. We had the opportunity to show everyone the Solite Laser community care bed and the Bradshaw Bariatric nursing care bed, which were of interest to our Community Loan Store and Care Home customers (check out for more info).

The conference was very good too. Of course, there was a lot of discussion about the Transforming Community Equipment Services programme, with presentations supporting the initiative and presentations against. If anyone is interested in what was said there is an internal report about the conference (just ask one of the directors for a copy), and you can find a summary on one of the industry's news websites at

However, the most important part of the whole week was the ball which was held on the Wednesday evening. This year the organisers decided to have a theme, which was 40's attire, and the Sidhil team went to town on their outfits. Ok, it was fun, but there was a serious side to this too - many of our most important customers were at the ball, and this was a fantastic chance to get to know them better. In addition, most of the customers had put a lot of effort into the fancy dress, so it was important that we try just as hard and that we support the event as much as possible.

So, what did everyone look like?

This, of course, is the modern sales force in action.

Our glorious leader. And yes, he was armed, so everyone was on their best behaviour. Standing next to Clive is Phil Stephens of the TCES team and, just in case anyone needed her gentle healing hands, nurse Kim.

No, not an officer or a gentleman.

Helen looking sharp, with some of her customers. Did she outrank Clive?

Kim putting on a brave face.

Bill looking very spivvy.

It all got a bit warm, so who gets the prize for thinking ahead and choosing something lightweight to wear? Well done Mark.

Florence Nightingale never looked better.

We often say that it's important for Sales and Marketing to be close, but someone always takes it too far.

Helen as another nurse - were they all expecting their colleagues to need taking care of?

Jean Hutfield and Susan Heap from Cheshire, enjoying the evening.

Clive took care of Lynne Horn and Phil Stephens from the TCES team.

The whole room was decorated superbly, and had a real period feel to it.

And our table was suitably patriotic.

Clive and Sarah showing everyone how it's done.

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