Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bowled Over For Christmas

Christmas always offers a great opportunity for people to let their hair down, and the Sidhil team was no exception to the rule when a 50-strong contingent from offices and factory converged on the Electric Bowl in Halifax in December for an organised evening of fun and festivities.

The Electric Bowl is a new, state-of-the-art ten pin bowling alley recently opened in Halifax offering ‘extreme bowling’ - consisting of lanes, bowling balls, shoes and furniture that, on special occasions, glow in the dark!

Reports suggest that the delightful mixture of going out gear and the very flattering bowling shoes made for some good sartorial combinations!

It has to be said that no one took the bowling too seriously – Kim Robinson won the prize for lowest score recorded - not quite out for a duck but nearly there, Kim! There was a competitive element in the early stages, but rumour has it that soon faded to focus more on the fun than the sport.

The die-hards then went on to that well-known Halifax nightspot ‘Liquid’ where they claim that they partied till dawn!