Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sidhil take part in 'It's a Knockout' for Overgate Hospice

Two teams from Sidhil locked horns to partake in the ‘It’s a knockout’ event organised by the Overgate Hospice at Shibden Park in Halifax on Saturday 19th September.

A very well organised event, the Sidhil teams - the Superstars and the Elite raised over £800 for the hospice.

The team captains, Kimberly Robinson of the Superstars and Dave Rowlands of the Elite, were first to lock horns. Kimberly with her quick fire witty remarks set the tone of the event as she ripped shreds out of her counterpart. Dave’s response was to wipe the floor with her in the group dance-off session; he was seriously busting a groove, which caught the eye of the ladies in the crowd.

The teams were neck and neck through out the day with tempers flaring, straining family ties within the teams, especially between both Clive Siddall and his daughter Katie Siddall and the team captain Kim Robinson and her mum Lynn Robinson.

With the family squabbling between the teams over it was up to other athletic members of the teams such as Mitesh Lad, Gerard Fitchett, Scott Curry and Gareth Nixon to battle it out for the rest of the day. With Dave’s team having the last laugh beating the Superstars in the last event.

Rivalry aside, it was a good fun family day out had by all with most of the Sidhil team coming to watch their colleagues make complete fools out of them selves.

I am sure revenge will be had by the losing team next year!!!!!

Well done everyone.

Scott and Mitesh are raring to go!

Clive, diving in feet first as usual!

Mount Everest!

Scott gets the award for the best shorts!

Mitesh apparently plays football 3 time a week...could have fooled me!

Well done the Sidhil Elite and the Sidhil Superstars.

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