Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sidhils Fantasy Football League - 'Manager of the Month'

Manager of the Month

Some of the Sidhil employees are currently managing their own Fantasy Football teams, selected from the players in the Premier League. The competition rewards a manager each month for their teams efforts. The 'Manager of the Month' is awarded with a 24 pack of beer!!

Here is an update of the staff that have won ‘Manager of the Month’ so far.

August winner (Left)
Richard Blackburn
Team name: Yid

September winner
Bernard Towell (Centre)
Team name: Bernard's Bandits

October winner
Michael Love (right)
Team name: Real ale Madras

November winner (below left)
Bill McDougall
Team name: Spur of the moment

Above Bill McDougall claims his 'Manager of the Month' prize handed over by Paul Blackburn.

Early Dream Team pace setters are 1st Michael Love, 2nd Steve Hoyle, 3rd Jack Nixon (last seasons winner) and 4th Steve Holden.

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