Thursday, 1 April 2010

Fashion offences curbed: A smart, professional and “uniform” look for Sidhil

Sidhil have provided their staff with new shirts and t-shirts to promote and reflect the smart, unified and professional outfit that we are!

Julie and Brian - Export Team

The uniform is fully endorsed by the management team, who can also be seen sporting the smart new shirts and t-shirts.

Vicki, Lynn, Colin and Julie - Customer Services

The smart new look – which will also help to clearly identify us to existing and potential customers whilst out on the road, at exhibitions and during factory and office visits – has been well received by staff and customers alike.

The only “down side” we can report so far is having to iron five identical shirts on a Sunday night! (Time saving tips most welcome).

Adele, David and Hannah - Service and Maintenance Unexpected bonus: serious crimes to fashion curbed!

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