Monday, 7 June 2010

The Sidhil Factory photoshoot - April 2010

Here at Sidhil we are currently gearing up for the NAEP (National Association of Equipment Providers) Conference in Blackpool.

We are taking our brand new strap line ...making it better and from this we have created a whole theme around its meaning incorporating three main areas:

UK manufacturing

Ethical Sourcing

The Environment
As part of our new theme and to celebrate that fact that we manufacture 70% of our products here in the UK, we had a photo shoot in our factory at the head office in Halifax, it was a great day and I would like to thank all of you that took part in the shoot!! Here are some of the photographs below!

Mitesh, Ged and Sam in Research and Development

Trevor in Powder Coating

Paul Blackburn, Sandra Stuart, Steve Oldan & Paul Ambler - Welding bays

Steve, Phil and Gary - Workshop

Richard and Daniel - Upholstery

Mark, Eddie & Paul - Laser Machine and Chris - Assembly.

We have only 2 weeks until our official ...making it better launch so watch this space for more information!!

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