Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dream Team Presentation 2011/12

Facts and Figures

34 people joined the Dream Team League in August last year paying £5 each, a football card was run each week during the Dream Team season by Richard Blackburn paying out a weekly cash prize of £15 with £5 donated to the Dream Team prize fund raising the total cash prize from £170.00 to £330.00.  Sidhil management agreed to increase the prize fund at the beginning of the season so that we could have some impressive prizes at the end of the season.  It also funded the manager of the month prize which was either a pack of beer or a bottle of wine!

Throughout the season the Managers were as follows:

Richard Locker

Jonny Ambler

Sandra Stewart

James Ibbotson

Tony Craddock

Danny Twight

Danny Twight

Steve Taylor

Bill McDougall

Matt Ward

The most points scored in any one month was by Tony Craddock in the month of December with 357 points!

Bottom of the table throughout was mainly Clive Siddall with his insistance that his team must consist of as many EX Leeds United players as possible!!

So to the winners

3rd Place with a cash prize of £25

Richard Locker

Quality Manager

Paul Blackburn (Organiser) with Richard Locker

2nd Place with a cash prize of £50
Steve Taylor
Business Administrator (Manage at Home)

1st place receiving an Apple Ipad and the Championship Shield & Cake
James Ibbotson
Managing Director

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