Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sidhil at the 2012 NAEP Conference

Sidhil exhibit at the NAEP Conference 
(National Association of Equipment Providers) every year.. 
Look at what happened this year!

Sidhil in lights.. Our Logo was projected onto the side of the conference venue!
Our Exhibition Stand - It looked fantastic (If I don't say so myself!)

Showcasing our beautiful white 2 section plinth, we think it looks very sexy...
   Maybe we have worked at Sidhil too long!!!  

Sue our Massage Therapist had a very busy day indeed on the
stand and that was just with James and Clive!!!
The Sidhil Marketing Team - Kimbers and Sam Dawg!!

the 'Old Pros' Helen Stephenson and Kim Gallagher.. I think they are sat down
because they are struggling to stand up (late night!!)

Sidhil Sponsored the NAEP football event!
England 1 - Ukraine 0 !!!

Jean Hutfield (Chair of NAEP) definitely got into the spirit of things!! 
You know what they say about a man with big hands... BIG GLOVES!!
Miss Stephenson you look lovely!!!

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