Friday, 25 January 2013

Sidhil night out turns hairy!!!

The Sidhil team all took part in Movember... Didn't we do well?  
The women more so than the men I think!!!

Lynn Robinson - 2 days growth!!!
Sarah Gent is chuffed with her tash! Look its all over her face!
Bonjour Simon Hey!
James tash was looking good.. He did start LAST November though!!
Kim Robinson - Oh look it matches my roots!!!
Charles Bronson anyone?
Alex Roberts - Stop looking so smug its all wonky!!!
Never mind the tash... Mr Henly are you winking at me?
Lynne Dixon - The day before she had her tash waxed!! It gets like this every month..!!!

Vicky Gravenor  is proud to show off her hairy asset!!
Oh no its fallen off!!! It looked so real too didn't it?
Shame I have already used the roots joke!!!
Sorry Julie Powell!!!!

A surprise appearance by a sun tanned Freddie Mercury freaked us all out..
He actually looks a bit like Richard Locker!!

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