Friday, 31 May 2013

And the winner of the brand new Apple iPad is.....

Sidhil set a competition at the TVS Conference in April around the brand new Innov8 iQ Hospital Bed. We were inundated with entries, as the prize was a fantastic Apple iPad. Unfortunately staff were banned from entering (even though I knew all the answers...Sulk!!)

All entries were put in a hat and a winner was drawn….(Drum Roll!!)

Congratulations to Sarah Masterson from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital who is now the proud owner of a shiny brand new iPad!

Sarah got all of the answers correct see how you do:

Name 3 key features of Sidhil's brand new Innov8 iQ bed?

What are the four key elements that the Innov8 iQ bed has been designed around?

Answers on a postcard to Kim in Marketing!

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