Thursday, 12 September 2013

Total Warrior!

Mark “Indiana Jones” Oldroyd has been at it again.

On the 3rd August, along with 6,000 other adventurers, he migrated to Shap fell high in the Cumbrian fells to compete in “Total Warrior”, a gruelling 10km run through muddy moorland, but with the added “interest” of 25 obstacles. These ranged from mud filled tunnels, ice cold water tunnels, 9ft fences,  several river crossings, crawls under barbed wire, mud pools, carrying a large wooden log up a hill, water slides, electrified wires, burning hot coals and monkey bars over water. 

In the thick of it

The winners competed the course in just under an hour, and they were from the Army! Mark stayed with his team consisting of 3 women and 2 men, to complete the course in just under 2 hours. 

Must keep going.....

And the prize that motivated everyone to put their bodies through this mud fest – a can of lager for all who finished, what more does a Yorkshire man need – free ale !!!  (Of course several more were consumed to fully celebrate the occasion

Have we reached the finish yet?!

Would he do it again?  –He’s already registered for a 12miler in October !!! 

Indiana Jones -Eat your heart out! 

Roll on the next one in October Mark, Top Effort!

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