Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ladies Dinner for Forget me not Children's Hospice

On Saturday 5th October 2013 a group of ladies from Sidhil attended the Ladies Charity dinner at Bertie's Banqueting rooms in Elland Halifax. 
Great fun for a great cause!

Forget me not are a charity that supports children with life limiting conditions and their families in the West Yorkshire area. Their focus is to do everything they can to make children happier and more fulfilled while they are with us, however long or short that may be and to give support to their families.

To ensure these children get the best support possible Forget me not need to raise £2.5 million each year and with only 4% coming from Government funding they need to look to people like us to help them.

How do our donations help?
£10 will give a complementary therapy session for mum or dad
£20 will give medical supplies for a day
£30 will give a family day trip with a carer
£50 will cover the running costs of the hydrotherapy pool for a day
£100 will give day care for a child at Russell House
£450 will give 10 Hospice at Home care visits, caring for a child in their own home 

Our gorgeous Service and Maintenance ladies - Jenny D, Jenny G, Rachel and Nicola

We were welcomed into the venue with fizzy rose, which went down a treat. Everyone who we met from other selected companies were looking fabulous and there was plenty of posing at the photo shoot. 

We were treated to a 3 course meal which was delicious along with the wine (and lots of it! ). Shortly after our meal we were presented with a short documentary showing just what a wonderful job the charity does daily. All for an amazing cause. We were touched and a few tears were shed. 

Forget me not had not only provided us with lovely food and wine , the atmosphere was great as well. 

We contributed towards games, auction and raffles! Vicki won a bottle of Vodka, Jenny won Golf memorabilia in the Auction (a gift for her Dad) and some of the other ladies won spa products! 

The night ended with us all having a boogie on the dance floor and yet more wine! 

The dinner was  a huge success and the charity raised over £12k on the night! 

Here are just a few photos, which were taken throughout the night.... We do scrub up well!!
Sarah G and Jane - BFF
Sarah and Kim G (Plenty of vodka had been consumed at this point and it was only 7.30pm!!)
Kim brought her little sister along to the party - Rachel 
Sophie and Lynn...Look at the camera Ladies!  
There were some rosy cheeks by the end of the night - Who's been drinking wine? 
Vicki and Lynn - Part of our fantastic customer services team!!
Kim is always ready for a photo!! 
There are no shrinking violets at Sidhil - Looking gorgeous as ever ladies!!
Jenny with her auction prize! Good luck fitting that in your clutch bag Jenny!!
Wino's in the corner.... 

Team Sidhil
Vicki and Jenny 

A fantastic evening was had by all, a big thank you to all the Sidhil (and non Sidhil) ladies that attended the evening - Roll on next year!!!


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