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Sidhil's Charity Five-A-Side Football Tournament - Sat 29th November 2014

Earlier in the year our Goods Inwards” boys Luke and Brett asked if we could arrange a Five a Side Tournament with all the proceeds raised beingdonated to Paul Elstubs family. Paul was a former Sidhil employee who tragically passed away suddenly earlier in the year.

So the planning began to try and put together 8 teams of wannabe footballers from our business.... It was a challenge to say the least and in the end we opened the tournament up and asked staff to rope in husbands, sons, brothers, mothers, grandmothers... 
or any other “ringers”  that would be interested in playing really!!

The day arrived 
and it turned out to be a freezing cold Saturday morning in November. Lynne Dixon and Kim Robinson turned up with lists and clip boards, wondering how the day would turn out and then a strange thing started to happen... hoards of male Sidhil employees (and a few female ones) began gathering in shorts and t-shirts, laughing and joking. Before we knew it we were overwhelmed by bandy legs, spankles and trainers that looked like they had seen better days to take part in the first Sidhil Charity Five a Side Tournament!!

We had a variety of players on the day...some good, some very good and some 
who were just plain awful. Everyone joined in and made it a fantastic day, enjoyed by all!!

Thank you to Luke and Brett for coming up with the idea and then 
press ganging people to play and thanks to Lynne D who organised the teams and herded them throughout the day!

We raised a very impressive £410 
from the event from a combination of playing fees and spectator donations.

Here are some photos from our day:

Team Bradshaw 
Team Inspiration
Team Innov8 
Team iQ 
Team Kings Fund 

Rich Locker showing us his skills

Byron - Expert Goalie
Team Innov8 vs Team Solite
Steve Tackle Taylor
Luke - Plays every week apparently... Could have fooled us!!
Bob and Steve going for the ball... Think they forgot they were on the same team!!
Richard deciding against tackling the 20 something Huddersfield Town player  

Brett....he shoots....he fails!! 
Neil realised why not many footballers wear glasses!

Half time game - Kick the football through the tyre... Surprise, surprise nobody managed it. 

Looks easy enough to me.
Scott....Not bad!
                                   Scott and Bob managed to hit the tyre!! Their prize... Beer!!!

The Results before the final

No expense was spared when it came to the prizes!!

The Final

Spectators approx. 10,000

Here's how the teams did:
Team from left to right: Simon, Scott, Luke, Brett and Callum
Team Kings Fund!!

Well done to Team Kings Fund for winning the event, the team demonstrated, skill technique and determination throughout the tournament, Lynne Dixon our Operations Director (and their boss) reportedly said "If only they were this focussed at work!!" 

Thanks all... until next year!!

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