Wednesday, 26 August 2015

25 years at Sidhil for Helen Praulins!!

Helen Praulins our Territory Sales Manager for the South East has just celebrated her 25th year working at Sidhil. Helen started at Sidhil on the 12th February 1990 and has seen many changes in the years she has been here...

"25 years ago, Sidhil was very different than today.   When I started I was the only female in the sales force, not only for Sidhil, but the Group.  The products were mainly aimed at Community, Distributors with some Export.  Largely ADLs with a very small range of basic beds and mattresses. The only bed we sold to hospitals was the Kings Fund bed in small numbers.  Just over a year after joining, I won the Chairmans Award for Sidhil, as I had dramatically increased sales in my area.  Over the years, I have really enjoyed the diversity of the product range and client base, working for a family business which also manufactures their own products and my colleagues both internal and external. We have and continue to be a strong team. Sidhil have developed over time in many ways, and it is very rewarding to now have a serious portfolio of products to sell.  I really enjoy working with my clients, many of them becoming friends too.  Its been an exciting and extremely rewarding journey."

Helen Praulins

Helen with the external Sales Team
Helen with Clive Siddall and James Ibbotson
Helen with the internal and external Sales and Marketing Team!!
Here's to another 25 years Helen??

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