Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Dream Team Presentation 2015/16

We have now come to the end of another year of our Fantasy Football Tournament 2015/16, below are some facts and figures:

43 people joined the team in 2015 (down from 50 members in the previous year)

The Seasons Managers of the month were as follows:

August: Paul Blackburn with 222 points

September: Mick O'Conner with 173 points

October: Danny n Begun with 286 points

November: Danny n Begun with 201 points

December: Howard Wilkinson with 348 points

January: Richard Locker with 247 points

February: Matt Ward with 268 points

March: Liam Borla-Tridan with 245 points

April: Paul Blackburn with 376 points

May: Victoria Gravenor with 144 points

Most points scored in one month - Paul Blackburn - April - 367 points!!

The consistently bad award goes to:
Bottom of the table throughout the season was Clive Siddall due to the fact that his team consists of as many ex-Leeds players as possible!! Clives team is consistently bad... in 2011/12 he came 3rd from the bottom, in 2012/13 he redeemed himself coming 45 out of 52 and in 2013/14 he came dead last... again!! Well done Clive. 

And now the winners of our Fantasy Football Tournament 2015/16

Third place: Liam Borla-Tridan
Team Name: Busby Babes
Points: 2127
Prize: £50 House of Fraser Vouchers

Second place: Luke Hegarty
Team Name: Marching on together
Points: 2133
Prize: £70 of Asos Vouchers

FIRST PLACE: Kimberley Crowther
Team Name: Princess Men
Points: 2146
Prize: £200 Hotel Vouchers 
Kimberley also has her name on the champion shield and will keep the shield for 12 months.


The 2016/17 Fantasy Football Tournament will be starting soon, lets try and get some new members joining in this year, its good fun and there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs - £5 per team.

A big thank you to Paul Blackburn for organising and running the tournament and to his wife who made the delicious cupcakes for the presentation today, they were very much appreciated!! 

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