Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Kim's done the Leeds 10k!!!

On Sunday I ran the Leeds 10k (for the 2nd time i might add 😳).  It was hard and I didn't really enjoy very much of it (apart from when i saw the finish line in my sights!!). But I did it, and have survived to tell my tale!!

A few things made me laugh (and spurred me on) as i was running (fast walking) around the 6 mile marathon...

1. A t-shirt saying: Run Now... Wine later!!!
2. The guy in the Minion costume that was ALWAYS slightly ahead of me!!
3. Another t-shirt (that i passed actually!!) saying... I run, I'm slower than a turtle but i run...
4. And finally the people doing it that were in wheel chairs, disabled, or that actually couldn't walk very well, never mind run, these people were an inspiration and made me think... come on Kimbers get those legs moving!!!!

I raised £730 for Forget Me not Hospice, thanks to everyone that sponsored me!!

I think its time someone else volunteered to do it next year...!!!!

Me and my running partner Dawn Crowther (Sister in law!) proudly wearing our medals!

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