Monday, 1 August 2016

Sidhil Celebrate being from Yorkshire!

Being a traditional Yorkshire manufacturing company it seemed only right that we donned our flat caps and tweed jackets and celebrated Yorkshire day in style!!

As with all of our one day events, the main objective is to raise money for Forget Me not Hospice in any way possible and we did that! We raised an impressive £96 from our raffle, Yorkshire goodies and dress down!

Congratulations to our raffle winners:

338 – Yorkshire Lad Mug  - Lauren

259 – Yorkshire Lass mug - Hannah

372 – Yorkshire phrase book – Lynne D (Even though we think she wrote it)

347 – Parkin  - Jenny G

262 – Flapjack – Hannah 

YES Hannah won twice and NO it wasn’t a fix!! (So she says…😉)

Hannah with her Yorkshire lass mug!
Jenny with her Yorkshire Parkin and Lauren with her Yorkshire man mug! 
Lynne D's prize, written by Lynne D!!
 Congratulations to team Service who won the quiz!

Rachel, Lianne and Lauren
Thanks to everyone that took part.

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