Friday, 23 December 2016

Sidhil's Christmas festivities 2016!

We love Christmas here at Sidhil! Any reason to get dressed up, eat more and have a few (too many) drinks!! Well this year we have partied and celebrated hard from full on company Christmas parties to our Service and Maintenance Team and our Service Centre Managers! Here are a few of our Christmas pics!
James finally let us get a Christmas tree (Ive been asking for 9 years!!) #Scrooge
Our Sidhil staff Christmas Do at 53 Degrees north - It was a right good do with a great turn out!! 
A rose between two thorns...!!
Christmas Cracker fun! Little things and all that!!
As if Santa hasn't got enough on his shoulders Scott Thomas!! 
David, Jim and Lee in their Christmas get up!
James, Scott and Colin enjoying a cheeky pint!
Mark, Scott (again!!) and David - Is that Santa peeping through or are you just pleased to see us!! 
I don't know where they picked up these three lushes from!!
Oh wait a minute its Nicola , Nicola and Gemma!!
Bobs pulled a couple of crackers this year!! Look at his face, he's chuffed!!!

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