Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What did you do for the Golden Jubilee?

Here is what some of the Staff from Sidhil got up to over the Jubilee Weekend!!

Lynne Dixon our Production Manager stayed  in a Lighthouse in Whitby.. Very nice!
Views from Lynnes Lighthouse!!
Perfect blue sky at Whitby Abbey
This was my luxury accommodation for the weekend!! We stayed in Robin Hoods Bay.
We had great weather though!
David Lewis our Procurement Manager and his family celebrated in style in Bridlington!!
I can't tell if the kids are enjoying it or not!!!
Mark Oldroyd (the one on the left) was at the spot where the 
Battle of Culloden took place in Scotland.. Apparently this was 
the last battle fought on British soil which led to the 
great, great, great parents of Queen Lizzie gaining control of 
the throne to England when they defeated the Jacobites in 1746 !!
I would like to claim this as my own culinary master piece as it looks
fantastic! Unfortunately I cannot this union Jack cake was thrown together
by my younger sister!!!!

Thank you to everyone who sent me their Jubilee Weekend memories!!

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