Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The boys 'Go Karting'

A group of the boys from the factory got together and went Go Karting last weekend,  they survived to tell the tale, maybe with just a few bruised egos between them!

Ten of Sidhil's finest went to race,  however there could only be one winner ... Tony Craddock!! He is becoming a bit of a Sidhil hero amongst men with two recent victories under his belt!!

The winners

First place: Tony Craddock
Second place: Steve Hoyle
Third place: Ian Champion (except he wasn’t!)

The Rabble

Back row: Danny Scott, Paul Elstub, Tom Harron, Paul Blackburn
Next row: Byron Smith, Ian Champion, Scott Heaton, Mark Blakey
Front: Steve Holden, Spankles, Steve Hoyle

Well done boys!!!

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