Thursday, 25 July 2013

Race The Sun

After months of secret training sessions, the quartet of Sidhil Olympians are about to show there new taut, powerful, muscular physiques to the world and more importantly – to each other. Covered up by office attire, the hard work of the past few months is about to be put on full show – no this isn’t a repeat of the Full Monty !!

Mark has been cycling through all weathers to and from work 4 days a week, upping his gear ratio, his miles and speed up the hills of Calderdale, combining with running up said hills, and interspersed with a few training sessions up the fells of the lake district. He walked the 3 peaks of Yorkshire 6 weeks back and plans a final trip there before the race.

Martin ran the Trafford Marathon back on the 28th April, in an impressive time of 3 hours 54 mins and after a few weeks rest, started to train on the bike, cycling to and from work and in the evening. Despite having a holiday booked in August he’s even got the roof-rack set-up so he can get some all-important training in during the weeks prior to the event.

Tony, despite injury to his foot, continues to run regular 13 mile runs, up to 60 mile bike rides including the ascent of Holme Moss – included in next years Tour De France !!!

Lee, the young buck of the group, cycles to and from Work and runs on a regular basis.

In the weeks ahead, they will be testing their “home made” training routines against each other, they are a team after all, and the fastest time on the day will be the time of the slowest member. They want to know where they all are in relation to each other, and they can then 'up' the training in the areas required.

On Thursday Mark, Tony and Martin will be out after work, cycle to Todmorden, turn around, turn right and cycle half up the hill, dismounting and running up the hill to Gaddings Dam !!! Run back down, back on the bikes and after a bit more flat, turn left in Mythomroyd and cycle all the way up to ….., a heck of a climb !!!

On Sunday 11th August, Mark, Tony and Lee will be up at the crack of dawn to drive to the lakes. They will be hiring bikes in Keswick, cycling up the hill and along to Thirlmere (the only man made lake in the lake district), locking up our bikes and running up Helvellyn (England's second highest peak) on the route they will be taking during the event. After running back down and cycling some more – all with male pride making sure neither of us is last!!!! They will be heading over the Kirkstone pass (England's highest road pass) to Glenridding on the banks of Ullswater for a spot of kayaking !!

Hopefully they can all get out together in the weeks before the race.

They have all heard the swoosh of diet coke cans being opened when they have walked down the office, but the good looking physiques will count for nothing on the day. Determination, hard work, grit, mental toughness and working together to get back to their caravan for a beer after 8 hours of toil is what counts – the lengths a man will go to for a beer with his mates eh?!  

Meet the Guys taking part in Race The Sun......

Martin hard at work

Martin works in the development team at Sidhil, researching, designing and developing new and existing medical products. His current project is the new Innov8 IQ which should be rolling off the production lines later this year. He has been involved with this and other development projects since he started with the company two years ago, performing various tests and stress analysis on the new concepts that he and the rest of the the rest of the team are working on. 

Tony - Bossy at work!

Tony is production manager who manages a team of 45 people on the shop floor. Main responsibilities are managing production to meet the customers needs while maintaining a high quality standard and efficiency in the business.

Lee- Looking busy at work!

 Lee is warehouse team leader and part of his job is to oversee the Goods In team and ensure all is running as smoothly as possible.  Lee manages any samples that have arrived, product repairs and any general challenges within the warehouse related to finished goods stock, Lee is responsible for checking product onto vans/wagons for their next runs 

Mark- Not eating at work (Makes a change!)
Mark worked in the Finance Team for a year at Sidhil but now he has been located on the shop floor for over two years, looking at stock control and management, administrative procedures and financial re-allocations. 

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Team name: Sid "Over The" Hill


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