Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Celebrating Yorkshire Day - 1st August

Friday 1st August is officially Yorkshire Day and being a proud Yorkshire company it was only right that we celebrated one of the most important days of the year (well for Yorkshire folk anyway!).

Famously known as 'Gods own County' and voted by lonely planet as one of the best places on the Earth to visit... Yorkshire day is celebrated to promote the Historic County of Yorkshire. 

To mark this momentous occasion Sidhil celebrated by eating copious amounts of Betty's Yorkshire tea loaf, eating way too much Wensleydale Cheese with Yorkshire Chutney and drinking Yorkshire Tea... Whilst wearing our flat caps of course!

Our Yorkshire feast - Yorkshire tea loaf, Parkin, Wensleydale Cheese

We also set the staff at Sidhil a Yorkshire test (quiz) to see if their Yorkshire knowledge was up to speed... Here are our winners.

Lynn Robinson - Customer Service Manager
Won a fantastic Yorkshire Tea towel!!
(Yorkshire born and bred!)

James Douglas - Product Designer
Won an amazing Yorkshire Tea cup!!!!

(From another place... Out of Yorkshire?!!)

Sheli Dobbie - Service & Maintenance
Won a fantastic Yorkshire Tea pot for one!

However we are seeking solace in the fact that her Grandmother is apparently from Yorkshire!!
Sheli was obviously over the moon with her prize and made the comment that it matched her t-shirt...

Estelle Farrar a close colleague of Sheli said "Sheli worked tirelessly for the last month reading through the Yorkshire Post, watching Emmerdale and James Herriot re-runs, practicing her ‘ey up’ in the local shop in anticipation of the quiz."

Alex, Kim, Hannah and Sam supporting their normal work gear as normal Yorkshire folk

If you would like to know more about the Yorkshire culture click on the links below

Sidhil raised an impressive £45 (not bad for Yorkshire folk) for the Forget Me Not Trust during the day - Well done everyone and thanks for taking part!

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