Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Celebrating Yorkshire Day at Sidhil!

Our Sidhil HQ is located in the heart of Gods Own County...! So on the 1st August in true Yorkshire style we paid homage to our amazing county by celebrating Yorkshire day!! Even the unfortunate folk that are not from this heavenly place (but found the light and moved here) joined in!!

So we ate Bettys Yorkshire Tea cake, drank Yorkshire Tea and had a welly wanging competition of course!!

Welly Wanging Round 1!!


First up is Tom Oram a Yorkshire man in the making!! He does ok... Needs more practice!! 
Next up a fine example of a Yorkshire Man our very own... Sam Thompson
A quick safety chat from Clive... blah, blah, blah... don't hit the building, don't throw it on the roof... etc etc...
Limbering up... Remember Sam don't hit the building!!
Throws it straight onto the blinking roof!!!!!! 
Game over...We only had 1 welly!! 
Hannah to the rescue, nipped to her house and picked up 2 more wellies!!!

Welly Wanging Round 2

Chris Woolley AKA Digi Boy (Yorkshire Man in the training... He's from Lancashire!!!!!) Did well, not well enough!!
Instead of coming to tell us off for throwing wellies on the roof the boss comes and joins in!!

MD Jimbob AKA the most competitive man in the world, throws it and does well!!
Oh no... he's going to win!!!
Our Independent Adjudicators Clive and Hannah measure very carefully
 At this point James is in the lead... somebody has got to beat him!!

Jack Nixon... You can do it!!!! He does ok, James is still in the lead !!!
Our first (and only) Yorkshire Woman has a go!! She does well... But James is still in the lead!!!
Next up one of our IT Crowd... Matt Holmes decides to join in, he does well but unfortunately not well enough!! 
Next is James Brookes... Says he's from Yorkshire but has a suspiciously posh accent... 
Mr Oldroyd... one of Sidhils athletes... How did he do... Not as well as James I'm afraid!!
 And then, the 2nd most competitive man in Yorkshire arrives, our very own Tony Craddock!!
(James is worried at this point!!)
Guess what... he only goes and does it, it goes so far our very long tape measure won't reach!!!
I forgot how much of a bad winner he was... James fancy another go?!!
Next up Simon Lowe... Good technique but just not good enough!!
Even our DHL man had a go!!! He nearly hit his own van!!
We raised £137 for Forget Me Not Hospice at our Yorkshire day!! Thank you for everyone that helped and joined in!!!

So far this year we have raised £7797 for Forget Me Not Hospice

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